Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{blogging} how do i not have time for this?!!!

i am frustrated. i can't figure out where all the time in my day goes. i am a stay at home mom!!! i don't understand how the working momma's out there do it all. i see all these cute blogs that are updated daily without fail.!
ah ok, i'm stepping down off my soapbox to show you the cutest baby toddler in the world. for realz.
first time with pigtails. ooooohhh so cute!! it makes her look big though and that makes me sad.
what else makes me sad is this: karlie says to me today, "you know mom that me and kenna are going to get big and leave one day and then it's going to be just you and daddy." {sigh} oh karlie i know. mommy just don't want to think about that, like at all.
and so yesterday i had to completely tear apart a throw up infested car seat. and no, not just take the cover off and wash it. i mean, take the whole thing apart and soak it in soapy water. poor baby keniston was in the backseat saying "ah oh" in the cutest little baby voice (it's practically the only thing she says) and when i looked in the rear view i said "ah oh" too. completely covered in throw up. i was only taking a quick trip into town, everyone still had jammies on, no diaper bag, nothing. and the kid was throwing up like nobody's business and then crying because she didn't like it all over her. Good times.
almond butter apple sandwiches got me major bonus points with my girls. karlie hugged me and told me how good of a momma i was for making her such a yummy lunch. sweet girl! we have been eating really good this week. karl has even liked the suppers i have fixed. I made a peach cobbler that i couldn't believe i actually made because it was so good (and healthy). and i have made banana bread that was super yummy and thanks to my neighbor for bringing me the biggest zucchini i've ever seen, we made zucchini bread. Tonight I have been canning blackberry jam with the help of a no pectin/no sugar recipe i found on 100 days of real food. that website is seriously my bible when it comes to learning about eating clean. so much useful info packed into an easy to follow site. lisa leake is definitely someone i admire.
so phase 1 of "opertion big girl room" is complete. i painted the walls this awesome shade of blue and i'm super proud of myself for picking it out all by myself. it's hard when you have a color in your head and then you start looking at all those swatches, it gets to be too much. everytime i end up picking the wrong shade. BUT not this time!! the exact color i had imagined, painted on the girls walls with a little help from a little helper.

i also built this really cool chevron bench for the girls. it was super easy to do. basically just upholstered a piece of wood and then bought legs and the leg screw set from lowes. i spray painted the legs and then screwed them into the wood. easy peasy. the legs may or may not be uneven. just sayin. ;)
now on to my next project CURTAINS. not just any curtains....floor to ceiling curtains. pretty sure they are going to be a pain to make but i'm soooo ready to get some curtains up in their room. they have a beautiful sunburst style window but it catches the sunrise and as soon as the room gets light, karlie will wake up and come in my room to tell me that the sun is up. aren't kids great?! love it. so yes, curtains are at the tippy top of my priority list.

oh and one last bestie found out today that she is having a GIRL!!! i am sooo excited for her. she needed a girl (not that there's anything wrong with boys so don't send me hate mail). i can already imagine what this little girl is going to be like, blonde hair, green eyes, shy and spunky when no one's looking. i am so happy for her and can't wait to hold that sweet baby girl especially since my girls are big now. (sidenote: i'm pretty sure i'm immune to baby fever....finally. it's kinda like the chicken pox only i had to get it twice in order to build up my immunity)

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