Saturday, June 23, 2012

{getting healthy} my plan of attack against processed foods without going overboard

this is what happens when i have too much free time to think on the beach....i come up with crazy, life altering stuff. i have actually had this on my mind for awhile but got to really think about it and research it while my toes were in the sand. fyi, the beach we were on had wifi. maybe i'm still living in the stone age but i thought this was a big deal. i was able to sit in my lounge chair on the beach with my feet in the water all while pinning to pinterest, facebooking, researching healthy stuff all on my ipad. i was as close to my heaven as i think i have ever been! ;)
so yes, i had time to think. think about all the crap we eat on the daily. think about the "treats" i reward karlie with. think about the poptarts my husband eats at work for breakfast. think about all the sugary juice we drink. think about the crazy hormone feed animals we eat. think about the diet food i have been stuffing down my throat in an attempt to lose the baby weight.
so i thought and thought about it. now don't get me wrong we (and by we i mean me and my 2 girls) eat pretty good/healthy. we usually have eggs or bacon or granola with greek yogurt for breakfast. some sort of veggie sandwich for lunch. snack on popcorn after nap and so on. but even getting "good" isn't enough anymore. bacon is full of nitrates. eggs come from hormone raged chickens. greek yogurt has sugar in it. our bread has too much crap in it (sugar, white flour, corn syrup, etc). so i started researching options and this is what i have concluded....we can eat (basically) the same stuff we were eating before BUT i (me, the mommy, complete ruler of food in our household) am going to have to spend alot of time in the kitchen. and for those who know me and know about what i do know that i really don't have extra time in the day to spend in the kitchen, and really who does? everyone is busy. i'm a complete dabbler...i do graphic design both commercially and free lance. i sew both personally and for others. i am a stay at home mom to 2 girls under the age of 4.  my husband drives 2 hours a day to work so he isn't here alot to help out. i'm trying desperately to lose the baby weight so i have picked up running 3-5 miles 4 times a week.
it's overwhelming to add the kind of planning and dedication that eating clean is going to take. BUT it's worth it. i want my kids to be the healthiest they can be. i want to be healthy for my kids and make sure i'm around for many years to come. and i want my husband to be healthy and around for many years to come (although he's fighting this healthy eating, i know i will eventually wear him down!)
 {my husband thinks he is hilarious, changing my menu board. hard to read from this pic but it basically says i'm starving him. my personal fave was wednesday: "make some sweets that aren't sweet". poor husband of mine.}

it's hard eating clean when you live in a small town, nearly impossible unless you really do some planning ahead. organizing and planning meals ahead of time is where i'm at in my journey of getting healthy. i came across a really cool service called plan to eat. i'm using their 30 day trial and so far so good. i like the way it's set up and it seems like something I might actually use. ideally this is what I would like to do....
once a month do a big shopping trip to whole foods and trader joes to buy the bulk of my food for the upcoming month. Then do a marathon cooking day where I make up several meals and freeze them. Then use our local walmart for small stuff like their selection of organic veggies and eggs. i was actually kinda surprised at what i found when i was shopping "clean" at the local wally....chicken, hot dogs, bacon, deli meat, frozen chicken fajita strips, raw honey, organic eggs are all things i bought that were what i considered to be clean.
i love my family and i plan to fight the battle against disease, cancer, obesity that stems from what we are putting in our bodies...i want us all to be happy and healthy for many years to come. and that doesn't mean i won't occasionally let my family eat out or have sugar BUT i plan to make our normal day to day food be good clean food that helps our bodies be the best they can be.

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