Thursday, July 5, 2012

{random} yep that's the word for this week

ever have one of those feelings on a sunday night that your week is going to just be random and busy for no apparent reason? yep, i had that gut feeling and i was right. pure craziness this week. luckily, i did plan out my meals for next week using the plan to eat website. it really helped me to plan everything out and i will say i definitely saved major moola at trader joes and whole foods since i went in there with a list and a plan to stay under budget. we spend $300 every 2 weeks on groceries and i spent $303 total. not too shabby if i do say so myself. plus i bought extra ingredients so i could double the recipes to freeze.
to top off our week of randomness we are leaving out tomorrow mid-day for a mini vaca to the chattanooga area to visit some friends which we never get to do. i guess that's the good kind of random not the crazy kind of random we have had all week.

in going with the random theme here's an awesome video. love this song and this is really amazing how they did this.

and if that's not enough random for you, here's the parody to it. love how they make fun of the guy on the right!

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