Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{recap} family beach vacation 2012

whew!! the last 2 weeks have honestly been a blur. we returned home this past saturday from a week long trip to our favorite vacation spot (when i say "our" i mean everyone in my family except karl, he hates the beach, weird i know). fort morgan, al, the calmer next door neighbor to the well known beaches of gulf shores, al.
rental house on the beach for a week? it doesn't get much better than that. we slept late. we lounged at the beach. we swam. we built sandcastles. we ate crab and shrimp. we played in the sprinklers. we chased the ice cream truck....daily. we napped. we went on a treasure hunt with priates and princesses. we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. but most importantly......we road in the car for 12 hours without crying, once. i'm one happy (and blessed) momma!
 {horrible day for a photo shoot because of the storms/wind BUT we did end up with a great beach picture}
 {my sweet family-p.s. keniston hated the sand so no cute toes in the sand pics for us! boo!}
 {the cousins....not the best pic in the world but what do ya expect with 5 kids under 8. you get whatcha get.}
 {this sweet booty turned 6 months while we were at the beach, and he LOVED the sand.}
 {this "cracks" me up!}
 {the outdoor splash pad. so much fun!!!!}

 {my dad fished most of the vaca and caught a huge "red" but he also caught a hook in the arm and had to come home early to get my mom to help him get it out. i probably would have passed out if i would have seen it!!}

{my cuties in their yellow polka dot bikinis} 

 {kenna preferred to stay in the lounge chair instead of the sand}

 {this girl LOVED the sand and the beach, although she preferred going to the swimming pool}
 {she wouldn't let go of that ball the whole time she was in the pool. very possessive little stinker}

{one of my favorite parts of vacation....getting to watch the blue angels practice. simply amazing. so proud to be an american!} 

{outside the original oyester house. she was terrified of this gator a couple of years ago now she loves it}

 {they figured out real quick that if they waved money in the air the ice cream man would stop.}

 {ice cream man, highlight of their day, everyday we were there
{karlie kissing her treasure she found at the pirates and princesses breakfast at The Hangout}

Beach Vacation 2012, success! I miss you already, beach. Hope to see you again next year!

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