Thursday, June 23, 2011

{ busy, crazy day }

First things first, if this doesn't make you smile please exit my blog now. ;)
this is awful but when people say "oh how cute is she!" instead of saying 'thank you' I say "I know!"
i just can't help myself.
i know the proper response but it never comes out of my mouth because she is the cutest little thing. ever.
today was one of those crazy days. full of extreme highs and low lows.
keniston is in the 90th percentile for weight. She has gained exactly 2 lbs since she was born.
gosh i love a chunky baby and she is well on her way to being one. :)
i decided to take both girls for their check-ups on the same day.
probably not the best idea but i like to parent with the 'like ripping off a band-aid' approach.
and speaking of band-aids....
karlie got shots today for the first time.
yes she is almost 3.
yes i know she is supposed to have already had them.
i have a strong opinion on vaccines and i'm not going to force my views on everyone else but i will make the best decisions for my kids because at the end of the day i have to live with it.
instead of giving people my point of views on vaccines i simply suggest that all parents read up on it.
then decide for yourself.
i will say that delayed them til they are older is stressful. she has cried and complained all day about her legs hurting.
anyone want to volunteer to take her to get her next set of shots?
it's guarenteed to be ummm, eventful.
see this beautiful quilt?
i'm in love with it.
it was a gift for keniston from mr. jimmy and ms. donna.
and it was immediately used for a quick photoshoot....of course.
i appreciate this probably more than the average girl because i have been attempting to learn to quilt although i haven't finished one yet. or really know what i am doing.
i know how time consuming it is to make one so i really really love it.

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  1. Hi! I found you through your daughters party on Kara's! ADORABLE! I wondered how you did the cupcake stand...if you wouldn't mind sharing :) Also, who made her shirt? Tried finding the tie pattern too, but no luck.