Monday, June 13, 2011

{ first post, oh happy day! }

Yay! Finally got my blog semi up and going!

gotta love an early morning fake smile.
i'm proud of her today.
she didn't cry when I dropped her off at preschool! oh happiness!
she has cried everytime I have dropped her off since "baby sister" was born.
seperation issues I'm guessing. BUT maybe, just maybe we are over it and on the upside....stay tuned.
now at this very moment I'm counting down the minutes til I can leave this house and go pick her up.
i absolutely HATE being away from her but like most mommies, i'm trying to do what's best for her so 2 days of preschool a week it is.
what i dread is she will be starting preschool at the elementary school in the fall.
it's still only 2 days a week but it's just the thought of dropping her off at the actual elementary school. the same school my mom dropped me off at. the same school i cried at when my mom would leave. ugh....
silly september babies. with her b-day being on the cusp of the age cut off she is able to go to preschool early. mommy don't like!

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