Thursday, January 19, 2012

{i did it} what i said i wasn't going to do!

ugh....i hate myself for not blogging, like at all.  in my defense we moved right after i started the blog and i had no clue we were going to do that....the right house (for the right price) opened up and we jumped on it. so moving into a new house, even though the house was brand new (practically) and had nothing to be repaired, no problems at all, i still felt the need to redo the whole house. i have a very distinct style and when you mix a photographer/graphic designer/seamstress/mommy in a new place, ideas are bound to come up. ;) that mixed with a very difficult  baby has made it IMPOSSIBLE to blog....until NOW. I thought about trying to catch up from where I left off and I will probably do that but it seemed like to daunting of a task so I'm just going to pick up with life as we know it (don't you love a katherine heigl movie reference!).
so let's see, Keniston is crawling, well scooting.  i find it extremely odd and ironic that both of my babies are scooters instead of crawlers. i am convinced it is something genetic. maybe it's the same gene that has made both my babies geniuses. i joke....i can't stand the mommas who are convinced they gave birth to the next Einstein just because their baby is walking at 7 months and can say their abc's by the time they are 15 months.
i'm hoping that she starts sleeping better than she has in the last few months. for the first 4 months of her life she was sleeping thru the night (genius) ;) but then she started waking up crying and hasn't really stopped crying since. nothing seems to be wrong, just likes to cuddle. i can't blame her, i like to cuddle too but what i also like is sleep and when i sleep i don't like to cuddle...just ask my husband. lol
she slept good last night so i am hoping we are coming outta the funk she has been in for the past couple of months.
ok so i am going to post a pic of my project i can check off of my list. it is not even close to being perfect but i really really like how it turned out. i feel alot fancier than i actually am when i'm in our bedroom now. it's amazing what a $20 can of paint can make you feel like. i didn't want to do a tutorial on this because there is one here. my only advice is if you even slightly ocd, do not attempt. i'm really not that bad ocd, but this project flared it up and now i'm stuck in an ocd rut. maybe it's a good thing though because i am cleaning and organizing like a mad woman now. the only project left for my master is the headboard. did you know you can buy fabric by the yard from west elm?!!! i just found this out. i have been checking out and thinking about purchasing their crazy expensive headboard but now for under $50 I am making my own!!! my husband and i made a headboard for karlie last year and realized how easy it is to do so i am going to order the fabric this week and hopefully have it done in the near future....i'm so ready to be done with at least one room in my house.

I am convinced pinterest is going to be the death of me. too many ideas to try, too many ways to get hurt doing them. just yesterday i crushed my wrist with the ladder. i'm talking crushed like worst pain you ever felt in your life/can't even find a cuss word to say because the pain is too bad/call your momma to come to the house because you are convinced your hand is broke/call the doctor/google your symptoms/ice pack and elevate your hand/get outta cooking supper kind of pain. needless to say i won't be hanging the letters s-p-l-a-s-h above the girls tub anytime soon. i'm still thinking that i need an m.r.i. i am pretty sure their is some sort of ligament damage.

anywho, off to the grocery store i go with little kenna in tow. karlie is at school today and it bums me out. it's amazing how much more smoothly things go around the house when she's here. she is such a helper when it comes to the baby. she is such a big did that happen!??


  1. Beautiful room and style Kerri! I'm happy to read about your humorous mommy/ fellow ocd peer/ artist adventures. I miss you! Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. Thanks Marilyn!! I miss you too and glad you enjoy reading about my crazy life. lol Hope you are doing well!!