Saturday, July 14, 2012

{ drinking } a 40 on a saturday night....again!

yep, i'm at it again on a saturday night...drinking 40 ounces of vegetable juice all at once. I crave it and usually juice at least 4 times a week but for some reason saturday nights have become my favorite night to juice a big ol glass pitcher of it.
i'm either really pathetic or really awesome, i can't decide. ;)

i feel like i deserve it though after the curtains i made for the girls room. took frickin forever but they look totes adorable. i took pics of how i did it but i'm too tired to give a step by step of how i made them right now. but i will leave ya with a pic of them and the thought of a tutorial coming soon!

ok time for me to go "veg out" on the couch! gosh i'm corny tonight! 

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